Like Planning a Trip With My BFF

Reviewed By Quanstah – Boston, MA | Traveled to  Rome ~ Italy ~ Europe

Jeanie helped my sister and I plan a trip to Rome. The trip was fantastic as was she to work with.

Not only did she take the time to get to know what types of things we like to do on vacation, she did some very thorough research to provide personalized recommendations–and her enthusiasm and love of travel and travel planning showed. It almost felt as though I was planning a trip with my bff.

Rome is such a beautiful city and there is so much information available to tourists. But she provided great information and tidbits about those “off the beaten path” wanderings. There were times that we found ourselves hanging amongst the locals instead of the tourists and it gave us a different, richer perspective of the city.

You must use her services!

Reviewed by Suzie – San Jose, CA | Traveled to Italy

Jeanie helped us plan a trip to Italy.   Not only did she know the language, she immersed herself in the history and culture.  She knows the BEST outdoor restaurants, where we got to enjoy the scenic views.  She also shared her advice on how to travel smart and safe.

Thank you so much!

Reviewed by Tracy & Andrew – San Jose, CA | Traveled to Peru & Bolivia

I would like to thank you for a fabulous, well-planned trip we had last 2 weeks. We had fun, good lodgings and meals, learning experiences and a wondering bonding time together.  It would have not turned out that well if it had not been for you. I can ask you to plan my next trip anytime 🙂