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“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.” – Seneca

We all deserve a vacation. With the stress of life, family, and work, it’s necessary to recharge and visit a new destination.  Let us help you craft your ideal vacation.

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Our Trip Consultation Process

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Step 1:  Initial meeting & Designing the ideal vacation

How active do you want to be?  How much contact with the local culture do you desire?

Let’s meet to discuss! We can meet virtually or in person, should you reside in the Bay Area, to discuss your preferred travel style and destinations. Based on your preferences, we’ll provide you with several individualized vacations.

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Step 2:  Select Your Ideal Itinerary

Which vacation option to choose?  

Step 3:  Refine, Clarify, and Collaborate

Still not the perfect itinerary?  Tell us how to refine it and we will according to your tastes and preferences.


Step 4:  Travel & Share Your Memories

How exciting, it’s time to travel!  Please share with us how you enjoyed your vacation. 

We are a full-service agency and want to be informed of your travel experience.  Please let us know what we did right and what could be improved.

Why Us?

Language & Cultural Experience

We love being immersed in the culture of the destination. Jeanie has spent considerable time living in not only the San Francisco Bay Area, but also New York , Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Seoul, and Rome . Through her varied travels and language skills, she is attuned with the locals and has keen insider knowledge and wants to share this knowledge with her clients.

You value time and Money

With the complexities of life and demands on our time, it is difficult to allocate the effort needed to plan a truly memorable travel experience. The immense array of choices and limited insight can be debilitating. As a mother of two young children, Jeanie understands just how precious time is. Relieve yourself of stress and hire a professional who enjoys the trip design process. Do you need some gear shipped ahead or guaranteed for arrival at your destination? Let us know, we can arrange that.


As a professional travel counselor, Jeanie is a member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), National Association of Career Travel Agents, (NACTA) and is an independent affiliate of Coastline Travel and a member of the Virtuoso Consortium. By associating with Virtuoso, Jeanie has access to value-added amenities and purchasing power.


Wait a minute, I thought travel consultants got commissions from airlines and hotels?  Can’t I just go online and book this myself?”

Well, yes and no.  It really depends on how complex your travel needs are.  As a travel consultant, Jeanie can:

  • research options for destinations and activities, and give advice and recommendations;
  • present an array of choices for unique destinations, accommodations, restaurants, and activities (cooking classes, hikes, bike rides and more);
  • make the bookings you choose, including transportation (air, car, train), hotel and activities, all customized for you;
  • design a tailored vacation guide with personalized recommendations before you go;
  • can arrange travel and trip insurance; and
  • anything else you need.

Air Travel:  $50 per domestic ticket and $75 per international ticket.

Planning Costs:  The first 30-minute consult is included at no cost to you.  After the consult, fees will be assessed depending on how complex your trip is.  Planning fees start at $300 for a 1-week itinerary.

If you sign up for one of Riveting Trips’ Vacations, you will not be assessed any planning costs aside from the airplane ticket fees.

We do not nickel and dime you.  All fees are discussed up front as we believe in honesty and transparency.