What is a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding is when the engaged couple decides to have their wedding ceremony at least 50 miles away from their current abode.

Technically, you could have a domestic destination wedding. In fact many people do, especially for those who get married in Hawaii but aren’t living there. However, there is even a larger segment of the population that decides to get married outside the United States — mostly in Mexico or the Caribbean.

Europe, especially Italy, is slowing growing as a popular destination for weddings abroad.

Why do people decide to have a destination wedding?

There are three main reasons why people decide to have a destination wedding.

  1. Both partners are currently living in a city that is not their hometown, so it’s easier to get married in a third and neutral location.
  2. If you’re both from different hometowns and are now considering a more neutral location, why not some place out of the country? That way, you can make it an extended vacation for all of those who attend your wedding. It’s a win-win for the engaged couple and guests.
  3. Often, couples spend less on a destination wedding because they have fewer guests. Not everyone will attend a destination wedding, so the wedding will definitely be a more intimate affair.

What are the popular Italian destination wedding locales?

Tuscany is the number one destination wedding location in Italy. Hands down. That doesn’t mean that other cities and regions of Italy aren’t growing in popularity.

Venice, Amalfi Coast, Rome, the Lakes region, and Puglia are also well-equipped to have your destination wedding. Depending on the size of your wedding party, you can have a wedding at a traditional hotel, private villa, private palazzo (palace), agriturismo, and more. And because Italy is a peninsular nation, you can get married in the hilltowns, beaches and cliffside dwellings, historic towns, mountains, and every other geographic locale you can think of.

What kind of marriages can be celebrated in Italy?

There are 3 main types of marriages: religious, civil, and symbolic.

When it comes to religious ceremonies, you can celebrate a Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and other faiths, in Italy. The only stipulation is that if you want to get married in a Roman Catholic church, you need to be baptized Catholic. And if you want to marry in a non-Catholic faith, the town where you plan to get married has a religious institution of that particular faith.

A civil wedding is a legally binding wedding normally officiated by an Italian official. And the third type of wedding, symbolic, is perhaps the easiest to perform. When couples have a symbolic wedding, they are usually already legally married in the United States and have come to have a symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy. How romantic!

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Villa Maschere

My partner and I are part of the LGBTQ community. Can we get married in Italy?

Most definitely yes!!! And I am happy to help you get married. I work with LGBTQ friendly wedding venues and partners. This is YOUR special day and I want it to be perfect.

How much does it cost to get married in Italy?

I know you’re going to hate this answer, but it depends. It really does depend on the style of your wedding, number of guests, where you plan on getting married, and so much more.

Every couple has a different dream wedding, so it’s best to schedule an appointment with me or another specialist to discuss your special event.

What kind of services should I expect of my Italian destination wedding specialist?

Does your travel advisor or wedding planner specialize in destination weddings in Italy? Perhaps they focus on destination weddings in the Caribbean or Mexico, but they are not Italy or European specialists. But Jeanie is an Italy destination wedding specialist. I have traveled to Italy countless times and have met with many wedding venues and service providers. Here are some of my most recent educational trips to ensure that I’m current on the Italian destination wedding marketplace:

October 2019 – Invited to the Tuscany Tourism Board Destination Wedding Education Trip for Luxury Travel Advisors

November 2019 – Invited to the Buy Wedding in Italy Event in Bologna for Italy Travel Advisors

Armed with this knowledge, I can help engaged couples maximize their dollars for their special day. Not only do I help engaged couples with their wedding planning, I also help with travel arrangements for your beloved guests who are traveling from afar to celebrate your wedding!

Why shouldn’t I just work with someone who comes with the hotel or venue?

Yes, most hotels have an on-site wedding planner, and for the most part they are helpful. However, if your wedding is getting more complex, you will need the help of an Italy destination wedding specialist.

Did you want to reserve a room block with the hotel? Are you prepared to be the direct point of contact between you, your guests, and the hotel? What about other vendors, such as florists, musicians, and photographers? Will the venue recommend some people or will you have to figure out those contacts on your own?

If you are a do-it-yourselfer you should be fine. However, if this feels a bit overwhelming, this is where I can come in to help.

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Sounds intriguing! Where can I learn more?

Let us help you create an amazing destination wedding experience in Italy. Schedule an appointment with Riveting Trips today and let’s chat!