What Is An Agriturismo?

Agricultural tourism. Yep, that’s what an agriturismo basically is. But what does Agricultural tourism even mean? In essence, it’s a type of accommodation that allows travelers to experience the local flavor of Italy.

How Does An Agriturismo Allow You To Experience The Real Italy?

Most agriturismi (the plural of agriturismo) are working farms and the owners of such lodging often specialize in olive oil or wine production. The level of service, inclusions, and accommodation vary from one agriturismo to another. For example, some agriturismi are equivalent to 4- or 5-star experiences, with regular cleaning service and a full-service concierge, which is important to have if you are in a countryside location and don’t know how to best schedule your time in Italy.

You will need to rent a car or hire a driver in order to stay at most agriturismi as they are primarily located in rural areas or outside the city center.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Staying In An Agriturismo?

Staying in an agriturismo is not suitable for every traveler or every vacation to Italy. However, when selected appropriately, an agriturismo stay will be the highlight of your dream Italian journey.

Like I said, staying in an agriturismo is not for everyone. But if you want to be away from the mob of tourists and have a more interconnected experience with the earth and citizens of Italy, then what better way than to stay at a privately owned agriturismo?

What Should You Expect From Your Agriturismo Stay?

Like I said before, it really depends on the size and function of the agriturismo. Is it more akin to a fancy villa in Italy or is more of a working farm with goats and sheep?

One agriturismo I’ve stayed in was beyond my initial expectations. Each guest room was expansive with en-suite bathrooms and bathtubs, an on-site restaurant (should you want to host a milestone event or destination wedding in Italy), a pool, and a winery. In fact, the wine was so palatable that we brought some back home!

Wine is always the best souvenir!

This particular agriturismo was a few miles outside the city center of Orvieto, the fabulous hilltown in Umbria.

Tuscany countryside

Most agriturismi are located in lush verdant areas of Italy.

How To Book Your Agriturismo

If you want a less frenetic holiday in Italy and think an agriturismo is the best way to vacation, then contact Riveting Trips for more information. We can help you select the best agriturismo for your stay and love helping people enjoy their dream Italian journeys!